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Hey everyone! I don't even know if anyone who follows me is active on here anymore. I haven't had access to my own computer for the last 2 1/2 years, so I haven't really been around. Since I was mostly making digital art, this also means I haven't drawn anything in a REALLY long time. I have a couple of ballpoint pen drawings I could upload, but I've mostly just been posting those to Facebook and Instagram since they're doodle-type things I did while I was at work. I just got a new, functional computer, so I may possibly start drawing again once I get a hold of Photoshop. I have a couple of unfinished digital paintings that have potential, and a couple of unfinished traditional paintings that I will probably never finish. I'm currently about halfway through cosmetology school and I'm also working part-time, so I don't get a lot of time to myself, but I'm slowly but surely making my way through my messages. From what I've seen so far, the people I follow haven't been uploading a lot of art lately either, so now I don't feel so bad.

Yes, that is an art blog. Yes, it is mine. And yes, I'm actually going to keep it updated.
If you have one too, let me know! We can be blogging pals.
I finally got a camera, and it's a pretty nice one. What this means is I'll be able to photograph my oil paintings from the last couple of years and the ones I have in the works. I actually got hit with some inspiration this week and I think I'm overcoming this block I've had for so long, which is great for me, because I really felt like I was in a slump and I wouldn't get back to painting anything unless I pushed myself. As it turns out, there was no pushing involved - just a few helpful nudges in my imagination department C:
Keep an eye out, there will be art from me soon!
Tax return money = canvases. I have to start painting again unless I want to become a journalist.
Today's the day! I wish I'd thought to post this earlier, but if you live in the same time zone as me, there's still an hour until polls close. You can easily find your polling place on Google, and if you aren't registered, don't fret! You can do it there!…

Yeah, I'm actually working on something. Let's see if it ever gets finished.
I'm at that point again where I hate everything in my gallery. I guess it might be due to the new year, or the fact that I haven't made a new digital piece since I started taking Life Drawing classes and realizing just how terrible my anatomy was.
I've left up just a few pieces. It's going to be awhile before anything new appears, I've been working on a digital piece but it's coming along really slowly (and this is not so much because of procrastination, that's responsible for part of it, but most of the reason why I've been so slow is because I'm actually taking my time for once and putting in all the detail and working everything until it's as perfect as I can get it.)
In the meantime, I've been procrastinating studying, exercising a little, decorating a pair of shoes, and contemplating starting my own "vintage and DIY wearables" shop on eBay. I need to get back into art again. It's killing me a little.
Hey guys. I'm finally starting a new piece. I hate how this takes so much motivation for me these days, but I guess that leaves room for more inspiration too.

Anyway, here is the sketch so far:…

Please give me any critiques or advice you might have :]